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A Day in Army Medicine

A Day in Army Medicine

No day is "typical" for the Army Medical Department as we face the multiple challenges of war, peacekeeping, humanitarian relief, and caring for Soldiers, Retirees, and Family members at home. The following statistics, will give a sense of the Army Medicine workload at home.

The Medical Command (includes all fixed Army medical facilities, except field units)

  • 54,799 outpatient visits
  • 253 patients admitted
  • 1,083 patient beds occupied
  • 24,915 dental procedures
  • 9,388 immunizations
  • 71 births
  • 12,852 radiology procedures
  • 57,365 outpatient pharmacy prescriptions
  • 84,806 laboratory procedures 
  • 401 Food safety visits
  • $23.3 million-worth of food inspected

(As of Feb 2016)