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Army Medicine Innovations Since Desert Storm

After Operation Desert Storm, the U.S. Army Medical Department took a number of initiatives to improve Soldier health, medical care during deployments and on the battlefield, and the training and tools that medical personnel have to deliver care. These efforts have built a more efficient and better integrated system of battlefield protection and combat casualty care.

A chronological listing of some initiatives follows:

1991     Serum Repository

1992     Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine Licensed

1993     Army Medical Re-Engineering Initiative Began

1994     Activation of the U.S. Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine

            Activation of U.S. Army Medical Command

            Tricare® Begins

            Deployment Occupational & Environmental Health Surveillance

1995     Forward Surgical Teams

1996     Ongoing Research & Use of Telemedicine

1997     UH-60L Medevac Helicopter

1998     Anthrax Vaccination Program

            Combat Stress Control

1999     Deployment Health Clinical Center Established

            Reserve 90-Day Rotation Policy Implemented

            Chem/Bio Satellite Course

2000     Chemical-Biological Protective Shelter Systems

            The Army's 91W Health Care Specialist

            AC to RC PROFIS Initiated

            SERPACWA Approved by FDA

            First Multi-Component AMEDD Hospital Activated

2001     Operation Solace Initiated

            National Vaccine Health Center Established

            Warfighter Refractive Eye Surgery Program Initiated

            Special Medical Augmentation Response Team-Preventive Medicine

            Health Information Operations

2002     First CBRNE Course Conducted

            DOD/VA Clinical Practice Guideline

            Personal Information Carrier

            President Announces Smallpox Vaccination Program

            High-Tech Bandages

2003     PB Approved for IND Use

            Medical Communications for Combat Casualty Care (MC4) Deployed

            Stryker Medical Evacuation Vehicle

            PDAs Show Promise for High-Tech Medics

            Blood Container Allows Far-Forward Transfusions

            Basic Combat Training Injury Prevention

            The Post Deployment Health Assessment Tool (PDHAT)

            Mobilization Medical Services

2004     Improved Combat Eye Protection

            Vaccine Associated Myopericarditis Registry

            Tele-Behavioral Health Service

            Complete Medical Record in ER/Urgent Care Setting

            Department of Deployment Health (DoDH), Womack Army Medical Center

            Addition of Apheresis Platelet Collection Capability

2005     Provider Resiliency Training (PRT) Program

            Fort Drum Regional Health Planning Organization

            AMEDD Center and School Information Portals

2006     Ultimate Warrior

            Allergen Extract Laboratory Management System (ELMS)

            Gynecology Disease Center

            WRAMC's Clinical and Research Activities for Individuals with Early Post Traumatic Exposure

            Battlefield Pain Control/Advanced Regional Anesthesia

2007     Spiritual Attitude Inventory

            Suicide Awareness/Prevention Training

            CORPS Program (Caregivers Optimizing Readiness through Prevention Strategies)

            Battlemind Training

            Light Utility Helicopter (LUH), UH-72A MEDEVAC

            DENCOM Technological Advances

            Provider Resiliency Training (PRT) Program

            Soldier and Family Assistance Center (SFAC)

            Army Physical Disability Evaluation System Training

            Warrior Transition Units

2008     Armed Forces Institute of Regenerative Medicine established

            Combat Gauze Dressing

2009     Pain Management

            HIV Research

            Rapid Aeromedical Evacuation

            Malaria Rapid Diagnostic Device

2010     Comprehensive Behavioral Health System of Care

            Concussion Management

2011     Adenovirus Vaccine, Types 4 and 7

            On-the-Move Nutrient Delivery System