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Reserve 90-Day Rotation Policy Implemented (1999)

From late 1995 to early 1998, a third of U.S. Army Reserve doctors who deployed to the Balkans left the Army Reserve. Replacement of these doctors was difficult; their loss resulted in a shortfall of Reserve doctors. Dentists and nurse-anesthetist specialties were similarly affected.

A survey established that 81 percent of participating Reserve doctors could leave their civilian practices for a mobilization of up to 90 days without serious impact. The same survey indicated that deployments beyond 90 days severely impacted practices and the doctors' employees.

For these reasons, DOD reduced the Presidential Selective Reserve Call Up period for doctors, dentists and nurse-anesthetists from 270 to 90 days as a pilot test. (Medical leadership positions, such as medical unit commanders, were exempted.) The pilot improved retention, especially among self-employed doctors and dentists and those with individual or small group practices. The program was implemented Army-wide in October 2003.