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Post-Deployment Health Assessment Tool (2003)

The Post Deployment Health Assessment Tool (PDHAT) project was initially set up in 2003 to ensure that Battle Injured Service Members, who may be most vulnerable to developing combat stress symptoms or psychiatric disorders, were assessed at three different time periods: initial, 3 and 6 months.

The PDHAT contact is a framework for evaluating the service members, giving them an opportunity to discuss their deployment experiences and its impact on their physical and mental health. They are also asked about Family concerns. The assessment includes:

A psychiatric assessment (questions related to depression and PTSD) with a question related to loss of consciousness from a blast or injury, a pain assessment, a sleep assessment. Identification of pain, sleep, and psychotropic medications Post assessment follow-up was made with Behavioral Health clinics, VA staff, case managers and TRICARE staff at CONUS and OCONUS installations as indicated.