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Department of Deployment Health (DoDH), Womack Army Medical Center (2004)

In January 2004 Womack Army Medical Center (WAMC) identified a need to centralize the medical and administrative resources associated with caring for Soldiers who were wounded in a combat theatre or who sustained injuries while completing CONUS training. The initial focus of the effort was to reevaluate the process of providing medical care to Reserve and National Guard Service Members. Womack Army Medical Center (WAMC) took an aggressive stance: identify and align the appropriate medical and administrative resources needed to provide optimum care possible in a rapid deployment environment. Thus, the Department of Deployment Health (DoDH) was created to achieve the following operational goals: 1. Rapid identification and evaluation of medical concerns with determination of medical fitness. 2. Provision of appropriate, timely treatment of pre and post deployment medical conditions, and, 3. Improve the provision of care and the documentation of medical issues for service members involved in the Medical Evaluation Board process.

In March 2007 Womack Army Medical Center discovered they were ideally organized with the availability of the Department of Deployment Health to take on the challenges of standing up the Warrior Transition Battalion. The Department set the standard by keeping Primary Care providers, Case Managers, Wounded Warrior Representatives and VA Representatives co-located to better serve Soldiers and their Families. The Department of Deployment Health and the Warrior Transition Battalion have established a role model for maintaining a working relationship and communication network between the clinical and administrative aspects of taking care of all Wounded Warriors.