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Provider Resiliency Training (PRT) Program (2005)

As directed by OTSG, the Soldier and Family Support Branch (SFSB) developed the Compassion Fatigue program in 2005 to deal with issues of Provider Fatigue and Burnout. In 2007, the program was redeveloped into the Provider Resiliency Training (PRT) Program and was endorsed by OTSG for all Providers. This comprehensive program currently includes four different modules beginning with Introduction to PRT in the format of a 20 minute video. PRT Level 1 includes two hour didactic training for both military and civilian providers. PRT Level 2 includes four to eight hours didactic training, expanding on PRT 1 and includes practical application of self assessment and self care plans. PRT Level 3 includes 2-3 day training for Clinicians who treat fatigued Providers.