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Allergen Extract Laboratory Management System (ELMS) (2006)

The United States Army Centralized Allergen Extract Laboratory (USACAEL) was created by the Allergy-Immunology Department at Walter Reed Army Medical Center to improve standardization of allergen immunotherapy healthcare and to leverage limited specialty expertise in the promotion of efficiency and cost limitation.  Today, USACAEL provides quality assured and cost effective patient allergen extract vaccines, diagnostic testing allergens and related biologicals (purified protein derivative/PPD, delayed-type hypersensitivity antigens, etc.) for the evaluation and treatment of active duty Soldiers, their dependents and military retirees in over 320 medical treatment facilities worldwide (US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, Veteran Affairs, and US Public Health Service).  In excess of 5300 custom new prescriptions and 11,800 refill prescriptions are processed annually including the filling, mixing and handling of approximately 70,000 individual vials.  This service supports a diverse patient population in allergy shot clinics managed by both Allergist-Immunologists and primary care providers.

As a unique DOD/VA sharing enterprise, the USACAEL values its expertise in providing clinical consultative services and technical guidance using the most up to date information related to the formulation of treatment and diagnostic allergen extract sets.  It is expected that as an additional 30-50 sites will be added in the next 3-5 years.  Given the cost savings in extract preparation alone using USACAEL and the potential for standardization across all of the VA and most of the DoD, clinicians and patients alike will continue to benefit from USACAEL services.