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WRAMC's Clinical and Research Activities for Individuals with Early Post Traumatic Exposure (2006)

The Walter Reed Army Medical Center's Psychiatry Continuity Service (PCS), in the sprit of continuous quality improvement and evidence based medical practices, has initiated a number of clinical and research activities for individuals with early post traumatic exposure in January 2006.  Cognitive therapies have demonstrated effectiveness in the management of early post traumatic exposure.

PCS uses an even more specific variant called Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT). CPT can also be applied in a group setting and PCS will be innovating such a concept.  Alternative therapies can also be useful and PCS is exploring the effectiveness of lightherapy and biofeedback in the treatment of early post traumatic exposure.

Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy (VRET) is also available and offers patients a comprehensive diagnostic and treatment paradigm that includes two fMRIs. All patients receive a standardized assessment which includes a multidisciplinary assessment and a computerized SCID I & II.  PCS has innovated trauma specific art therapy programming.  Additional research is examining the role of serotonin and EtG among individuals with post traumatic exposure.