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DENCOM Technological Advances (2007)

The United States Army Dental Command continues to leverage new technological systems and techniques in order to maintain a leadership position that provides worldwide, first-class dental care. A notable accomplishment is the development of an enterprise wide dental digital radiographic software program referred to as DEVAA (Digital Enterprise Viewing and Acquisition Application). DEVAA is employed in 100% of Army dental treatment facilities as well as being successfully deployed in theater.

The DEVAA program enables digital dental images to be available and strategically manipulable locally to over 9,000 USA/USAF/USN dental users. Additionally, the DENCOM has expanded the Corporate Dental Application (CDA) program to capture data and use as a reporting system that permits the Army to measure the dental readiness status of Reserve Component (RC) Soldiers reporting to mobilization platforms. Subsequently, a computerized voucher system for RC Soldiers was developed to be utilized when these individuals are referred to contracted provider networks surrounding designated mobilization platforms.

Concurrently, a new voucher module was created in CDA to support a TMA sponsored Oral Health Wellness Initiative resulting in streamlines patient management by mitigating unmet dental need. Additionally, DENCOM has standardized the dental examination requirements for RC pre-mobilization dental readiness systems, providing training DVDs to command teams responsible for deployment platforms, positively influencing the number of RC Soldiers presenting as "GO" for dental readiness.

The DENCOM has embraced the Lean Six Sigma business case analysis protocol, creating a new Director of Business Transformation position on the DENCOM staff, to evaluate internal business practices and increase efficiency of DENCOM strategic and operational initiatives. The United States Army Dental Command continues to commit to incorporating technological advances in order to deliver world-class, quality-oriented patient care.