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Army Physical Disability Evaluation System Training (2007)

Due to a lack of formalized and structured curriculum to train key Medical Command (MEDCOM) personnel on the Army Physical Disability Evaluation System (APDES), the Army Medical Department Center and School (AMEDDC&S), Department of Health Services Administration, Patient Administration Branch, in cooperation with MEDCOM Patient Administration Staff developed structured training materials for Commanders, Physicians, Physical Evaluation Board Liaison Officers, and Warrior Transition Unit Cadre to enhance the critical mission of physical disability processing. The AMEDDC&S and MEDCOM PAD Staff developed in-resident and distributed learning (dL) curriculum to facilitate a comprehensive and complete understanding of the APDES.  The curriculum is developed in four phases:

Phase 1 - Develop "just-in time" web delivered awareness training, completed March 07.

Phase 2 - Plan, coordinate and conduct a APDES Training Conference, completed May 07.

Phase 3 - Establish a 40 hr(5 day) in-resident APDES certification course at the AMEDDC&S to be conducted 3x per year, 1st course scheduled for the week of 29 Oct.

Phase 4 - Convert Phase 1 training content (34 hrs) into a Distributed Learning (dL) Interactive Multimedia Training Product, projected completion Jan 08.