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Light Utility Helicopter (LUH), UH-72A MEDEVAC (2007)

In April of 2005, Headquarters, Department of the Army approved acquisition of a Light Utility Helicopter, UH-72A Lakota, manufactured by EADS North America. The UH-72A Lakota is a militarized version of EADS North America's commercial helicopter model EC-145. By purchasing a proven commercial airframe, the Army streamlined the acquisition process, obtained advanced aviation technology, and minimized research and development cost.

The UH-72A's high set main and tail rotor make the MEDEVAC equipped version an extremely capable evacuation platform. Additionally, the UH-72A offers rear loading clamshell doors, externally mounted rescue hoist and space for two litters or four ambulatory patients.

The UH-72A MEDEVAC is also well equipped to support high quality en route medical care. The aircraft supports full use of medical equipment set components including a defibrillator, vital signs monitor, ventilator and suction.

In July 2007, the U.S. Army Air Ambulance Detachment at Ft. Irwin, CA, became the US Army's first operationally fielded UH-72A unit. The Army will field the new UH72A MEDEVAC aircraft to both active component and US Army National Guard Units.