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Combat Gauze Dressing (2008)

Because approximately 86 percent of all battlefield deaths occur within the first 30 minutes after wounding, the ability to stop hemorrhage is vital to the care of battlefield injuries.  Combat Gauze has been developed, tested and fielded for hemorrhage control and is included in the IFAK.  Combat Gauze quickly controls bleeding and protects wounds from debris and bacteria.

Combat Gauze is a gauze pad that has been impregnated with kaolin, which is known for its clotting properties.  The gauze triggers the body’s natural coagulation response, resulting in rapid coagulation.  The Combat Gauze Dressing is easy to remove from wounds once clotting occurs and greatly improves hemorrhage control.

After extensive testing by the United States Institute for Surgical Research (USAISR) and the Naval Medical Research Center (NMRC), Combat Gauze was chosen as the only hemostatic agent used by the US Military for severe hemorrhage.

The availability of tools like Combat Gauze enables quick and efficient care in the combat environment; thereby helping to reduce the Killed in Action (KIA) rate of American troops by 25 percent.  Since its adoption in 2008 by the Military, Combat Gauze has saved hundreds of lives on the battlefield and moved into civilian use by hospitals, EMTs, and consumers.