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Malaria Rapid Diagnostic Device (2009)

Malaria constitutes a serious infectious disease threat to U.S. forces in times of war and peace in most tropical and some subtropical regions of the world.  The Malaria Rapid Diagnostic Device (MRDD) permits field diagnosis of malaria infection and early intervention.  Malaria is a potentially fatal illness with the ability to quickly incapacitate large numbers of personnel.  Diagnosis must be rapid to initiate proper therapy in infected persons and prevent infection in others.

The MRDD is a field-deployable, handheld, disposable, point-of-care test to detect the presence of malaria parasites in blood samples of persons with symptoms compatible with malaria.  The MRDD test follows a simple procedure where a whole blood finger-stick sample is added to a sample pad.  After 15 minutes, the results are displayed in a small window on the device.  The speed and simplicity allow diagnosis and targeted treatment to occur in the same patient visit, allowing for improved patient outcomes.  The MRDD kits were completed and FDA cleared in September 2009.  The MRDD kits are marketed worldwide.