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Rapid Aeromedical Evacuation (2009)

All 37 MEDEVAC companies grew from 12 to 15 aircraft and 85 to 109 personnel.  In addition, 9 MEDEVAC companies were added to the Reserve Component.  Six new LUH MEDEVAC Companies with 8 aircraft each were added to the Reserve Component in support of Homeland Security and available for deployment to permissive environments.

  • The addition of 9 MEDEVAC Companies and 12 to 15 aircraft will result in a 60% increase in MEDEVAC aircraft in direct support of the Warfighter (an increase from 336 to 555 aircraft).
  • The addition of 12 Flight Medics in each of the 37 MEDEVAC Companies is a 100% increase in strength.
  • Additional MEDEVAC companies deployed to theater reduced evacuation times from 1 hour 40 minutes to 45 minutes, meeting the “golden hour” goal.  The golden hour is the 60 minute period after trauma, after which the chances of survival for wounded Soldiers drop significantly.