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On-the-Move Nutrient Delivery System (2011)

The Nutrient Delivery System is a simple add-on to the Personal Hydration System that enables the user to receive nutrition on the move.  The patented device enables Soldiers to have on-demand access to a beverage mixed to their current personal taste.  It eliminates cumbersome mixing.  Moreover, the Nutrient Delivery System is designed to keep the water reservoir free of mold or bacterial contamination over periods of prolonged use.  Product acceptability studies demonstrate that the Nutrient Delivery System is a desired product.  Sixty-eight percent of Soldiers rate the device as “moderately” to “extremely valuable” with 83 percent saying they would recommend the system to their peers and 76 percent recommending that the Army invest in the technology.

The Nutrient Delivery System is expected to be available for commercial purchase in 2011.