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February Toolkit

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February 2021 Toolkit Topics and Resources for Communicators

Healthy Heart for Body and Soul

Every February is Heart Health Month to raise awareness of heart disease and promote healthy prevention strategies. A healthy heart is vital to overall wellness, and critical to readiness and optimizing performance. Viewing Heart Health through the lens of two Total Force Fitness domains, Physical Fitness and Spiritual and Ideological Fitness, the MHS is taking a holistic approach to the heart this February, to understand how the body and soul impact heart health, and vice versa.

The toolkit also contains information on Winter Safety and how extreme cold weather can affect your heart. It also has graphics and messages you can use for holidays and observances during February, notably Black History Month.

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Military Health System Communications Toolkit Monthly Topics February 2021 February monthly topics include Healthy Heart for Body& Soul, Winter Safety and Black History Month.


Social media graphic on healthy heart for body and soul with a cartoon heart running on a tread mill.

Social media graphic on healthy heart for body and soul with a service members doing push ups.

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