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Military Health System

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Signed in 2006

Download Reports to Congress Signed in 2006.

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File Description Date
Fort Drum Pilot Project House Report 109-464 12/22/2006
Force Health Protection Quality Assurance Program 10 USC Section 1073b(a) 11/28/2006
Movement of Dollars within the Private Sector Budget Activity Group House Conference Report 109-95 10/23/2006
Medicare Advantage Regional PPO Option for Dual Eligible Beneficiaries Section 739 of the NDAA for FY 2006 10/17/2006
Health Care Quality Section 723 of the NDAA for FY 2000 10/6/2006
Pilot Project on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Section 722 of the NDAA for FY 2006 10/6/2006
TRICARE Payment Rates for OB/GYN Pediatics and Mental Health Services House Report 109-89 9/1/2006
Use of Licensed Professional Counselors in the Military Health System House Conference Report 109-360 8/28/2006
Mental Health Challenges in the TRICARE South Region House Appropriations Committe Report 109-359 8/27/2006
Medical Program Support for Detainee Operations Section 750, NDAA FY 2006 8/24/2006
TRICARE Prime Pilot Projects Interim Report Conference Report 109-359 8/23/2006
Non Monetary Benefits Package for President of USUHS House Report 109-89, NDAA FY 2006 8/22/2006
Nurse Recruiting and Retention Senate Report 109-142 8/22/2006
Global Electronic Health Record System Section 735, NDAA FY 2006 7/5/2006
Decision on Commissioning of Respiratory Therapists House Report 109-89 6/2/2006
Consolidated Interim for FY06 Reporting Requirements This is a Consolidated Interim for FY06 Reporting Requirements 5/16/2006
Peer Reviewed Medical Research Program Conference Report 109-359 5/5/2006
National Capital Region Facilities Report House Report 109-16 4/27/2006
Evaluation of the TRICARE Program This is the annual Report to Congress about the TRICARE Program 2/6/2006
Health Care Quality Section 723 of the NDAA for FY 2000 2/6/2006
Status of Third Party Collections House Conference Report 108-622 2/6/2006
In-Theater Medical Tracking and Health Surveillance NDAA for FY 2005, Section 734 1/26/2006
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