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Connected Health Clearinghouse

The Connected Health Clearinghouse researches, compiles, and distributes information within the DHA about how technology can be used to support health care. This includes topics such as the use of mobile devices, websites, telehealth, and other technologies. 

Who can use the Clearinghouse services?

Any person or group (stakeholder) who works for the DHA.

What kind of information can the Clearinghouse provide? 

To date, we have compiled information on the use of technology for addressing chronic pain, insomnia, substance abuse, depression, mindfulness, autism, and perinatal care. Possible additional scenarios include: 

  • A team has an idea about a new app; we can determine if an app already exists that meets the stakeholder’s needs.
  • A research group wonders what health technologies can be used to treat insomnia; we can provide a tech brief that compiles the current evidence for using health technologies to treat insomnia.
  • A provider wants to know what evidence-based apps are available to treat insomnia that are free and have a sleep diary; we can provide a mobile app list that meets these criteria.
What materials does the Clearinghouse provide?

Depending on the stakeholder’s request, we provide: 

  • Tech briefs (two-page info papers)
  • Comprehensive literature reviews (comprehensive analyses of existing academic papers, industry reports, congressional mandates, etc.)  
  • Market research reports (working with the stakeholder’s criteria, we can narrow down a search)
  • Annotated bibliographies (list of 12-15 citations listing pertinent studies and their findings, along with an executive summary) 
  • Mobile app rating system (although as a government entity, we cannot recommend one app over another, we use stakeholder criteria to provide information so stakeholders can make informed choices)  

After delivery of a product, we encourage an ongoing discussion with the stakeholder.

Can the Clearinghouse help stakeholders with implementing their findings?

We can develop an implementation plan and coordinate with another Connected Health team that offers free extensive training (workshops, webinars, practice communities) on how to implement health technologies into clinical care. For more information, see the Connected Health Provider Resources page.

How does a stakeholder submit a request to the Clearinghouse? 

To submit a request or to get more information, see our request form in the right-hand column on this web page, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Connected Health Clearinghouse Products

Brief Reports 

Informational tech briefs on specific clinical conditions. 

Literature Reviews 

Comprehensive analyses of the peer-reviewed literature. 

  • Virtual Health Return on Investment
  • Remote Health Monitoring for Diabetes Care
Market Research 

Reviews of DoD and commercial health apps and websites.

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