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Human Capital Office

What does the Chief Human Capital Office do for the Military Health System?

CHCO Workflow

The Chief Human Capital Office (CHCO) supports the work force environment of the Military Health System (MHS) by examining and adjusting the MHS’s human resource policies, initiatives and solutions. With 167,000 military and civilian medical professionals in the MHS, CHCO focuses on developing and improving the MHS’s ability to recruit, retain, compensate and promote well-qualified health care professionals.

By serving as an advisor and advocate to the MHS leadership, as well as a core partner with the Services – Army, Navy and Air Force – CHCO creates and provides key recommendations on medical human capital issues to ensure the future of the MHS as a more competitive employment choice.

Strategic Objectives

  • Support the development of Human Capital Life Cycle Strategies which ensures the MHS will accomplish its mission.
  • Participate in making the MHS a more competitive employment choice for civilian health care professionals.
  • Provide comprehensive human capital analysis which will enable leadership to make sound and strategic work force decisions.
  • Market the CHCO's value as a human capital management advisor and advocate.


By facilitating human capital policies, initiatives, and solutions, we're able to build and maintain well qualified health care professionals for the MHS.


Pursue the best human capital solutions across the MHS.

Last Updated: July 18, 2022

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