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Dental Care

The Military Health System (MHS) is responsible for the overall oral health and readiness of service members - both active and the Reserve component. Additionally, the MHS offers dental insurance plans that all other TRICARE beneficiaries can purchase if they choose. TRICARE Dental Options.

Dental Care for Service Members

Oral health classifications determine if a service member is deployable. To learn more, see the Policy on Standardization of Oral Health Readiness Classifications.

Class  Description  Deployable? 
1 Patients with a current dental examination and don't require dental treatment or evaluation.  Yes
2 Patients with a current dental examination, who require non-urgent dental treatment or evaluation that are unlikely to result in dental emergencies within 12 months. Yes
3 Patients who require urgent or emergency dental treatment. No
4 Patients who require periodic dental examinations or patients with unknown dental classifications. No

Active Duty Service Members

Active duty service members, including activated Reserve component members, get most dental care from military dental clinics. 

Reserve Component Members

The Reserve Health Readiness Program (RHRP) is a Department of Defense, Defense Health Agency program that helps to supplement the Reserve Components' readiness mission and satisfy key deployment requirements by providing medical and dental services to all Reserve Component forces. Dental exams and treatment are provided based on a member's Service component.

  • Reserve component members may qualify to purchase one of TRICARE's voluntary dental insurance plans, based on his or her military status (see below).
  • If a dental injury is incurred in the line of duty, service members also qualify for Line of Duty Dental Care through the ADDP.

Dental Care for All Others

All others can purchase a dental plan offered through TRICARE or the Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program based on their beneficiary status. Visit the TRICARE website to learn more.

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DHA-PI 6410.02 Dental Universal Protocol


Establishes the Defense Health Agency’s (DHA) procedures for the Dental Universal Protocol (Dental UP) policy. The Dental UP is designed to improve the quality and safety of dental care provided for beneficiaries within the Military Health System (MHS), including all military Medical Treatment Facilities (MTFs) and Dental Treatment Facilities (DTFs). This DHA-PI focuses on the prevention of patient harm events with an emphasis on wrong site surgery through standardized effective communication strategies, Dental UP, and infection control adherence. The DoD is on a continuous journey to transform the MHS into a high reliability organization, providing exceptional patient care that is consistently safe over long periods of time and across all Services and settings. The purpose of this DHA-PI is to provide guidance to MHS dental healthcare teams through a standardized Dental UP approach. The Dental UP approach includes a Universal Protocol Checklist to ensure conditions for the delivery of the safest care to DoD beneficiaries.

DHA-PI 6401.01: Dental Sedation Medical Management


Establishes Defense Health Agency’s (DHA) procedures to establish a multidisciplinary approach to dental patient care guided by evidence-based clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) for dental sedation pathways. Army, Navy, and Air Force current Service policies concerning dental personnel conducting sedation were considered during the creation of this DHA-PI to ensure the unity of the respective CPGs. The requirements and guidance contained herein represent the standard of care for dentists providing anxiolysis, sedation, and anesthesia as supported by multiple national profession-governing organizations. The purpose of this DHA-PI is to establish the responsibilities for the oversight, quality

  • Identification #: 6410.01
  • Date: 5/4/2021
  • Type: DHA Procedural Instruction
  • Topics: Dental Care

Fort Irwin & TDP collaborate to improve dental care for families

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Administration of TRICARE Dental Plans Through FEDVIP

Congressional Testimony

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