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The DoD Patient Safety Program offers patient safety education materials including badge cards, brochures, posters and more. Patient safety materials are available only to Army, Navy, Air Force and National Capital Region facilities within the Military Health System. For additional information about requesting patient safety educational materials, please see Frequently Asked Questions

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Badge Cards

        NPSG (Ambulatory)                                         NPSG(Hospital)                                                  SBAR

  Image of a badge card showing a list of all the 2014 National Patient Safety Goals for Ambulatory Centers                     Image of a badge card showing a list of all the 2014 National Patient Safety Goals for Hospitals                   SBAR Badge Card Front and Back

   Quick reference of The Joint                            Quick reference of The Joint                The Situation-Background-Assessment-

Commission’s patient safety goals                    Commission’s patient safety goals             Recommendation (SBAR) badge card                      for ambulatory staff.                                           for hospital staff.                       provides healthcare team members  a                                                                                                                                       technique for communicating critical information.



        I PASS THE BATON                                            TeamSTEPPS

 IPassTheBaton Badge Card Image Front and Back                       TeamSTEPPS Badge Card Front and Back

  Mnemonic reminder for an                      TeamSTEPPS badge card includes summaries

  effective hand-off strategy.                     of team-based safe practices that may be used

                                                             as observation tools for healthcare professionals



                        Ask Me 3                                                       Ask Me                                                          Ask Me
                                                                                                Patient                                                        Physician

                 AskMe Brochure Front Page White                                    Ask Me Patient Brochure Front Cover Tan                                  Ask Me Physician Brochure Front Cover White

       The brochure addresses how to                  Brochure outlines five steps for patients.          Brochure outlines five steps healthcare

  foster effective communication exchange            includes a checklist they can follow to professionals can share with patients.

between healthcare professionals and patients.  make their healthcare safer.  


                      TEAM UP                                          

                 TEAM UP Brochure Front Cover

     Brochure explains a mnemonic device

   for patients to encourage active participation

                  in their healthcare. 

Pocket Guides

  Professional Conduct Pocket Guide

        Professional Conduct Pocket Guide Cover

        A compact companion to the

        Professional Conduct Toolkit.


Posters (16x20)

          TeamSTEPPS (Set of 10)                         I PASS THE BATON                                            SBAR

         TeamSTEPPS Set of 10 Posters Image              IPassTheBaton Poster               SBAR Poster

   Helpful reminder of TeamSTEPPS               Mnemonic reminder for handoffs              The SBAR poster provides healthcare

 processes for healthcare professionals.              and health care transitions.                      team members with a technique 

   for communicating critical information.


                   Ask Me                                                        Ask Me                                                        Ask Me 3

      AskMe3 Physician Poster White                 AskMe Patient Poster Tan                 AskMe3 Poster Image

    Five steps to share with patients                  Visual reminder for patients of               A visual reminder to make health literacy 

            at every office visit.                         five steps they can follow to make                    a priority by fostering effective

                                                                          their healthcare safer.                                communication exchange.



TeamSTEPPS Materials

       TeamSTEPPS 2.0 Instructor Manual                             TeamSTEPPS 2.0 Pocket Guide                       


Reference manual for TeamSTEPPS instructors                       Portable reference guide distributed by 

     leading a TeamSTEPPS training session.                              TeamSTEPPS trainers to healthcare

                                                                                         professionals trained to use TeamSTEPPS.                  


                TeamSTEPPS 2.0 DVD                                          TeamSTEPPS Dental Module DVD


   DVD to support TeamSTEPPS trainers leading                DVD to support TeamSTEPPS trainers leading 

     courses for military treatment facility staff.                    courses for dental healthcare professionals. 




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