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Debriefs Toolkit

Description of Toolkit

Mistakes in health care can have tragic consequences. Debriefs are team events that happen retrospectively to allow team members to share their mental model of team performance. Implementing the consistent use of debriefs in your unit will help promote continuous learning and process improvement. The Debriefs Toolkit contains everything you need to implement debriefs in your healthcare organization.

The Toolkit includes:

  • Toolkit Overview.
  • Toolkit User Guide.
  • Debriefs Facilitation Guide.
  • Debriefs Facilitation Slides.
  • Handout.
  • Debriefs Quick Review.
  • Additional Resources.
  • Action Planning Guide.
  • Toolkit Evaluation Form.

Request the Debriefs Toolkit

Description of Tools

Debriefs Facilitation Guide

A guide with teaching points and exercises that can be used to facilitate a live session.

Debriefs Facilitation Slides

A PowerPoint presentation that can be used in conjunction with the Debriefs Facilitation Guide; it includes video clips and case study exercises.


A printed version of the Debriefs Facilitation Slides with room for participant notes.

Debriefs Quick Review

A one-page handout summarizing the topic.

Additional Resources

A list of additional resources and an accompanying folder that includes articles, checklists, and a pocket card and poster that can be printed and laminated.

Action Planning Guide

Step-by-step instructions for implementing Debriefs and other TeamSTEPPS® tools within health care organizations.

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