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Patient Safety Products & Services

Your DoD Patient Safety Program provides a variety of solutions designed to improve the safe delivery of care to DoD beneficiaries.

Product or Service  Description 
Patient Safety Professional (PS Prof) Course A five-day, interactive course designed for new Patient Safety Professionals, or PS Profs, who have been in their role less than one year. The course provides an overview of patient safety standards, practices and resources. 
eLearning Courses Self-paced online tutorials made available by the Joint Patient Safety Reporting Community and DoD PSP. The RCA eLearning module is continuing education credit-eligible.
DoD Patient Safety Program Webinars
Webinars hosted by the DoD PSP on a variety of patient safety topics and facilitated by internal and external subject matter experts. These webinars share the latest research, leading practices and lessons learned about patient safety. The target audience for these webinars are patient safety professionals; individuals whose job includes responsibilities related to patient safety. Please go to the Calendar of Events and the Patient Safety Learning Center (PSLC) for more information.
Medical Team Performance Assessment Tool
A software application that supports the transition and sustainment of TeamSTEPPS principles through evaluation, debrief and analysis of health care team performance in training and operational environments.
Patient Safety Materials Materials for Army, Navy, Air Force and National Capital Region facilities within the Military Health System including badge cards, brochures, posters, "My Medicine" cards, and more.
Patient Safety Learning Center (PSLC)
An online space that facilitates the dissemination of knowledge and resources to increase awareness and promote communication across and among the patient safety community. We host this member-based community for DoD civilian, military, and sponsored contractors who are actively engaged in patient safety activities.
Patient Safety Resource Guide
Developed to engage, educate and equip readers with knowledge of our products, services, tools and solutions made available to help ensure the safe delivery of health care in the MHS. Your guide provides helpful links and contact information.
TEAM UP A starting point for engaging patients as part of your health care team. TEAM UP is a simple tool for patients to understand the types of actions and questions they should initiate or ask to improve their health care.
We actively assess, train, and implement Team Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety (TeamSTEPPS). TeamSTEPPS is designed to optimize patient outcomes by improving communication and other teamwork skills among healthcare providers. TeamSTEPPS consists of numerous ready-to-use materials and training modules necessary to successfully integrate teamwork principles into all areas of a healthcare system. 
Toolkits and Guides Our toolkits are designed for anyone on the health care team and intended to be used for just-in-time learning and application. You can use a toolkit as a reference and information source for each of the specific tools, incorporate a toolkit into existing programs to introduce team members to the tool’s key concepts and its use on clinical units.

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