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TBI Provider Education

TBICoE offers training opportunities and resources along the care continuum of TBI management from prevention to recovery for military and civilian health care providers. These trainings support TBICoEs provider resources, are free, and some offer continuing education credit.

TBI educators, known as regional education coordinators (RECs), are available to provide in-person or virtual training on our clinical tools. Email TBICoE's dissemination branch to be connected with a REC nearest you.

Online Training

*NEW* Progressive Return to Activity Provider Training

TBICoE has developed and launched the Progressive Return to Activity (PRA) Provider Training on DOD’s training platform, Joint Knowledge Online (JKO). The PRA JKO training is a convenient, detailed course that breaks down key concepts of the PRA clinical recommendation. This training includes periodic knowledge checks, interactive content, and a case study to test the learner’s understanding of the content. There's a one-hour continuing education credit attached through DHA’s Continuing Education Program Office. (CAC authentication required) 

DHA-US1226 Progressive Return to Activity Training

Other training resources for the PRA are available below that don't require CAC authentication.

Management of Headache Following Concussion

Management of Headache Following Concussion course is available on JKO, is accredited by the DHA, J-7, Continuing Education Program Office, and offers one credit hour to providers, nurses, pharmacists, and physician assistants. A certificate of attendance is available for other attendees. This training teaches participants about the most common types of post-traumatic headaches along with the assessment and management of these headaches. (CAC authentication required)

DHA-US1112 Management of Headache Following Concussion

Cognitive Rehabilitation for Service Members and Veterans Following Mild to Moderate TBI

This virtual training provides guidance on the clinical recommendation and associated web tool through a collaboration between TBICoE and the Veterans Health Administration Employee Education System, VHA Train. Continuing education units are offered for occupational therapists, speech language pathologists*, and psychologists. DOD providers must set up a VHA TRAIN account to take the training, learn how here.

*Participants interested in ASHA credit may print a general certificate of participation at the end of the course and submit directly to their ASHA/CE broker for credit.

Go to the training on VHA TRAIN

Virtual Training

Anomalous Health Incident Acute Assessment Training

TBICoE has developed a training for MHS providers on Anomalous Health Incident Acute Assessment (AHI). This training occurs quarterly and will introduce learners to AHI and review assessment and treatment strategies. Detailed guidance on how to complete a medical evaluation using Anomalous Health Incident (AHI) Acute Assessment (DHA Form 244), will be provided. Continuing education credit is available.

To find other virtual trainings, visit our Education and Training Events page.

Self-guided Training Materials

TBICoE provides complementary materials for our clinical recommendations on the treatment of mild TBI. The training materials provide a comprehensive overview of the use of the clinical recommendation, and include knowledge tests and case studies to further educate health care providers on the appropriate use of the tools.

MACE 2 Training

Additional Progressive Return to Activity Training Materials

The following videos make up the PRA training series and are designed to support primary care providers' ability to manage concussion/traumatic brain injury. Download the easy-to-use Progressive Return to Activity clinical suite on the provider resources page.

More Training Materials

Additional provider education materials are available by email request for the Neuroimaging Following Concussion/mild TBI and the Dizziness and Visual Disturbances Following Concussion/mild TBI clinical recommendations.

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2022 TBICoE Publication Catalog


TBICoE publication citations and summaries are organized by category, or overarching research topic. The purpose of this document is to (1) summarize key findings and potential clinical implications of calendar year 2022 TBICoE publications, (2) increase awareness, and (3) assist in planning of future efforts.

TBICoE Research Review: Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy


The purpose of this Research Review is to summarize current peer-reviewed scientific literature and expert assessment regarding the pathology, genetic pre-disposition, causes, clinical manifestations, and neuroimaging of chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

PRA Case Study Workbook


This workbook, paired with corresponding PRA Training Video 8, is an interactive clinical case scenario to test your understanding in applying the Progressive Return to Activity. We hope this will help medical providers become more familiar with the PRA process when treating service members with concussion.

Progressive Return to Activity Following Acute Concussion/Mild TBI Provider Training


The TBICoE revised the Progressive Return to Activity Following Acute Concussion/Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Clinical Recommendation (PRA) and this updated provider training slide deck. The trainings objectives will help providers to identify the key changes to the updated 2021 PRA; explain the rationale for using a PRA protocol for service members post-concussion; understand the criteria for progression following a concussion or mild traumatic brain injury; identify appropriate activities at each stage of progression; understand how to apply primary care management strategies and specialty referral considerations to treat concussed service members who are not progressing as expected; utilize the Tri-Service Workflow mild TBI Alternate Input Method Form to document the PRA in the Armed Forces Health Longitudinal Application.

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Last Updated: March 16, 2023
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