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Product Quality Deficiency Reports for Medical and Dental

DHA MEDLOG assists the Defense Logistics Agency Medical Troop Support with Product Quality Deficiency Report (PQDR) investigations through:

  • Clinical review
  • Collaboration and validation of the discrepancy,
  • Determination of the root cause of the deficiency,
  • Identification of corrective action(s) to be taken, and
  • Creation of preventive actions that will prevent recurrence of the deficiency. 

PQDRs are submitted via SF368. Submitted PQDRs are entered and processed electronically in the Product Data and Reporting Evaluation Program (PDREP) system.

PQDR Complaints

Category I

Category I PQDRs are reported for materials that have been determined by use or testing to be harmful or defective to the extent that its use may cause death, injury, or serious illness.  Category I can only be submitted with the approval of an Authorizing Medical Officer.

Category II

Category II PQDRs are reported for drugs, devices, supplies, or equipment that are suspected of being harmful, defective, deteriorated, or unsatisfactory because of malfunction or design, which are attributable to faulty material, workmanship and/or quality inspection, or performance or are otherwise unsuitable for use.

Last Updated: November 10, 2016

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