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Medical Logistics

The Defense Health Agency, Medical Logistics (DHA MEDLOG) Division, located at Fort Detrick, Maryland, is a joint activity under the direction, authority, and control of the DHA. 

  • Since the inception of the DHA MEDLOG, its focus has been medical materiel standardization within the Department of Defense (DoD). 
  • As a Combat Support Agency (CSA), DHA MEDLOG supports DoD's medical readiness mission by enhancing inter-Service medical department cooperation, promoting interoperability, and providing a forum for joint clinical coordination of medical materiel issues. 
  • The DHA MEDLOG is supported by a diverse staff office comprised of clinicians, logisticians, pharmacists, information management, and support personnel representing all Services.

Our Mission

The mission of the DHA MEDLOG is to recommend clinical, logistics, and program policy, as well as to support medical materiel development and acquisition processes across the four Services. The purpose of this mission is to promote standardized medical supplies and equipment, joint interoperability of operational medical capabilities, and efficiency in the acquisition and lifecycle management of medical materiel.

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Personal Protective Equipment Policy Guidance


This memorandum provides policy guidance to Department ofDefense (DoD) healthcare personnel (HCP) concerning how to more efficiently organize and stockpile personal protective equipment (PPE), and select protective clothing and equipment in response to infectious disease environments for direct patient care, contact with blood or body fluids, prolonged close interaction (less than three feet), and contact with deceased individuals.

JP 4-0: Joint Logistics


This publication sets forth joint doctrine for the activities and performance of the Armed Forces of the United States in joint operations and provides the doctrinal basis for the conduct of joint logistics.

  • Identification #: JP 4-0
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Interim Policy Guidance for Implementation of Medical Management Programs


This policy memorandum establishes policy and provides program guidance for Medical Management (MM) programs within the Direct Care System (DCS) of the Military Health System (MHS).

  • Identification #: 04-008
  • Date: 4/7/2004
  • Type: Memorandums
  • Topics: Medical Logistics
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