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Reserve Health Readiness Program

The Reserve Health Readiness Program (RHRP) is a Department of Defense, Defense Health Agency program that helps to supplement the Reserve Components' readiness mission and satisfy key deployment requirements by providing medical and dental services to all Reserve Component forces through:

  • Periodic Health Assessment (PHA)
  • Post-Deployment Health Reassessment (PDHRA)
  • Individual Medical Readiness (IMR) services

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We also provide PHA, PDHRA, and IMR services to:

What's New?

New Behavioral Health Questions for Periodic Health Assessment

As congressionally mandated in NDAA 2015, the Army incorporated a brief series of behavioral health (BH) questions into the annual Periodic Health Assessment (PHA) to help identify certain health concerns such as anxiety, stress, or depression. While the PHA for Active Component Soldiers implemented these questions in 2014, the PHA for Guard and Reserve Soldiers will implement these questions in June or July 2015. Upon implementation, Soldiers calling the toll free RHRP Call Center number (1-800-666-2833) to make a PHA appointment will speak with a licensed BH professional to answer the BH questions. The rest of the PHA and PHA process will remain the same

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DoD Directive 6200.04: Force Health Protection


This Directive establishes policy and assigns responsibility for implementing Force Health Protection (FHP) measures, on behalf of all Military Service members during active and Reserve military service, encompassing the full spectrum of missions, responsibilities, and actions of the DoD Components in establishing, sustaining, restoring, and improving the health of their forces.

Policy Guidance for Deployment-Limiting Psychiatric Conditions and Medications


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Periodic Health Assessment Policy for Active Duty and Selected Reserve Members


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Last Updated: December 29, 2021

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