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Bug Week Logos and Graphics

Please download these graphics to create your own Bug Week products for print, web or social media.

Bug Week 2019 Logo

The Bug Week logo can be downloaded in the following formats:

Bug Week logo in black and greenPrimary (.jpg)

Primary (.png)

Goo Green (.jpg)

Goo Green (.png)

Goo Green Knockout (.png)

Orange (.jpg)

Orange (.png)





Bug Week Banner

This colorful banner depicts all types of bugs, including ants, bed bugs, bees and beetles

Download .png file

The Bugs

Ant (.jpg) (.png)

Bed Bug (.jpg) (.png)

Bee (.jpg) (.png)

Beetle (.jpg) (.png)

Caterpillar (.jpg) (.png)

Dragonfly (.jpg) (.png)

Fly (.jpg) (.png)

Lady Bug (.jpg) (.png)

Mosquito (.jpg) (.png)

Pincher Beetle (.jpg) (.png)

Roach (.jpg) (.png)

Tick (.jpg) (.png)

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