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October Observances

Use these graphics on your social media platforms in support of other October themes and observances.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Suggested social media message: DYK? Breast cancer is the second most common cancer amongst women? #BreastCancerAwareness

Mental Illness Awareness

Suggested social media message: Step up and fight for mental health during mental illness awareness week. #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek

Bone and Joint Health Action Week

Suggested social media message: Take care of your bones and joints! Non-combat musculoskeletal injuries account for nearly 60% of limited duty days for soldiers and 65% of soldiers who cannot deploy for medical reasons!  #PreventInjury

International infection prevention, National Healthcare Quality

Suggested social media message: International Infection Prevention Week is an opportunity to highlight the importance of preventing infection in healthcare settings. The MHS is laser focused on the safety of our patients and staff. Learn more about preventing infections at: #ReadyReliableCare

Health Literacy National Health Education

Suggested social media message: the more you know about your health, your medical history, and your options, the better decision you can make #HealthLiteracy

What is quality healthcare? National Healthcare Quality

Suggested social media message: During National Health Care Quality week, the MHS reaffirms our commitment to never settle for the status quo. We prevent patient and staff injuries by actively looking for ways to make our daily practices safer and more efficient. Learn more about our commitment to quality and #ReadyReliableCare at #Quality #Safety

National Respiratory Care Week

Suggested social media message: Thank you to the hardworking respiratory therapists caring for patients at military hospitals and clinics around the world! #RCWweek21

World Mental Health Day

Suggested social media message: Many people can feel that their mental health is out of their control. On #WorldMentalHealthDay, we want to remind you that effective treatment is out there and available to all military health beneficiaries. You can find resources here:

Global Handwashing Day

Suggested social media message: Washing your hands with soap and water is one of the easiest and most effective ways to prevent the spread of germs and is never more important than now as we fight the #COVID-19 pandemic. #IWashMyHands

National Mammography Day

Suggested social media message: October is National Mammography Day, a time to remind women of the importance of mammograms to detect breast cancer early. If you are 40 or older, speak to your doctor about your doctor about your risk. TRICARE covers mammograms and other preventive screenings. Find out more at #NationalMammographyDay

Injury Prevention - World Pediatrics Bone and Joint Day

Suggested social media message: As the MHS recognizes injury prevention month, it's essential to recognize the importance of building a strong foundation of bone and joint health in children. Learn more about children's bone health from the #NIH #PreventInjury

Check your meds

Suggested social media message: Prescription drugs can be vital parts of your treatment plan, but when medications are misused or expire they can be a risk to your health. On #NationalCheckYourMedsDay, look at your medication and dispose of any items that are expired or unneeded. Find disposal information at:

Happy Halloween

Suggested social media message: Happy #Halloween!

Cavities Beware!

Suggested social media message: Enjoy your treats on #Halloween, and make sure you #brush and #floss before you go to bed tonight!”

Happy Birthday Navy!

Suggested social media message: Happy Birthday Navy! 

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