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October Toolkit

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Military Health System Communication Toolkit - Topics and Resources for Communicators, Monthly Themes October 2021

Injury Prevention for Mission Fitness

Injury prevention directly supports mission readiness. When service members are injured in the workplace, training, recreating or other circumstances, it impacts their ability to complete their mission. In October, the MHS is featuring three facets of injury prevention: occupational injuries, training and recreational injuries, and injury recovery. 

Occupational Injuries 

Occupational injuries are injuries experienced at work or because of work you do. Service members work in a variety of very challenging conditions with many potential injury risks. Managing these risks is critical to maintaining mission readiness and avoiding missed duty time. 

Training and Recreational Injuries 

Training and recreational activities help service members optimize their fitness and performance but are also a common source of injuries. Proper preventive steps minimize the risk of injuries during these activities. 

Injury Recovery

When service members suffer an injury, proper recovery is needed to return to duty. Working with a healthy provider, following a plan and avoiding re-injury are critical. 

Audiology Awareness Month

More than 36 million American adults have some degree of hearing loss, over half of them younger than the age of 65. October is National Audiology Awareness Month, to increase awareness of hearing as a critical sense and the role audiologists play in caring for patients

Health Literacy

October is Health Literacy Month, which offers healthcare organizations an opportunity to simplify basic health information for patients and their families. When patients understand their healthcare, it helps them make informed decisions and be effective healthcare team members. 

October Military and Health Observances

October features several national health and military observances that you can consider highlighting on your channel. The observances in bold have graphics and content available on the October Social Media and Content page. 

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Injury Prevention for Mission Fitness | October Toolkit
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