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Restructuring and Realignment

The Military Health System is the most comprehensive military medical enterprise in the world. Its goal is to ensure a medically ready force to execute the National Defense Strategy, and a ready medical force to support our armed forces throughout the world. Congress directed the Defense Department to assess existing hospital and clinic infrastructure and determine whether some facilities should be realigned or restructured.

Infrastructure Changes

The DOD plans to resize some of its military hospitals and clinics to better support wartime readiness – including the medical readiness of combat troops and the readiness of uniformed medical personnel. DOD is making changes to the scope of care at 32 military hospitals and clinics.

DOD hospitals and clinics are first and foremost military facilities that support the forces who protect our nation. They provide medical care to keep those combat troops healthy enough to be ready to train and fight, and they provide experience to medical personnel so they are prepared to deploy in support of combat forces. See what this change will mean for beneficiaries.

Manpower Changes

To focus military personnel on warfighter readiness, the Department has recommended the realignment of some uniformed billets from the MHS into operational forces.

  • The Military Departments made recommendations to support the intent of the Department after rigorous analysis of their operational responsibilities and requirements.
  • The result is a reduction of military medical positions in selected military hospitals and clinics.
  • With this direction, DHA is formulating plans to ensure that beneficiaries continue to have uninterrupted access to high-quality care through a combination of new civilian and contract personnel, outside partnerships, and the TRICARE network.

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