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Hospital Corpsman Richard DeWert

Date of Award: May 27, 1952
Conflict: Korean War
Branch: U.S. Navy

Hospital Corpsman Richard DeWert portraitOn April 5, 1951, a small unit was on its way to make contact with adjacent friendly units northeast of Kunchon, Korea, when the enemy opened fire. Hospital Corpsman Richard DeWert rushed forward to render first aid to the wounded men. While he tried to drag one seriously wounded Marine out of the line of fire, he was wounded in the leg, yet he continued carrying the Marine to safety. He returned to the fire-swept area to help more casualties and managed to drag another Marine off the battlefield, despite his injury.

His fellow soldiers tried to stop him from going out again, but DeWert set out toward another casualty. Before he could reach his destination, he was shot again, this time in his shoulder. He finally reached the casualty only to find him dead, and upon hearing another cry for aid, he immediately crossed the field to assist. It was there that an enemy bullet penetrated DeWert’s body, killing him instantly.

Citation: “Hospitalman Dewert rushed to the assistance of one of the more seriously wounded and, despite a painful leg wound sustained while dragging the stricken Marine to safety, steadfastly refused medical treatment for himself.”

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