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Hospitalman Francis Hammond

Date of Award: December 29, 1953
Conflict: Korean War
Branch: U.S. Navy

Hospitalman Francis Hammond portraitOn the night of March 26, 1953, in the Reno Block area near Sanae-dong, Korea, Hospitalman Francis Hammond’s unit fought a larger and hostile force for control of an outpost. A heavy barrage of mortar and artillery fire fell on the Marines, causing many casualties. Determined to help his wounded comrades, Hammond moved around the battlefield, defying mortar fire. For four hours, Hammond helped as many wounded as possible, even though he had been hobbled by a leg injury suffered in the early fighting.

After the unit was ordered to withdraw, he still did not allow the corpsmen of the relieving unit to treat his wounds. First he saw to it that all the battalion casualties were evacuated to a safe area. He assisted the other corpsmen until enemy shell fragments mortally wounded him. His great determination and exceptional skills saved the lives of many Marines.

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He skillfully directed the evacuation of casualties and remained in the fire-swept area to assist the corpsman of the relieving unit until he was struck by a round of enemy mortar and fell, mortally wounded


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