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Pharmacists Mate Second Class William Halyburton

Date of Award: Unknown
Conflict: World War II
Branch: U.S. Navy

Pharmacist’s Mate Second Class William Halyburton portraitOn May 10, 1945, the 1st Marine Division moved out to attack Awacha Draw, a strategically important ravine in Okinawa, Japan. Amidst the attack, Pharmacist’s Mate Second Class William Hylburton’s rushed across the draw, exposing himself to intense mortar, machine-gun and sniper fire to help the wounded. Halyburton shielded a badly wounded patient with his body, thereby placing himself in the line of fire. Although the area around him as swept with shrapnel and bullets, Halyburton persevered until he suffered mortal wounds.

Citation: “Alert, determined, and completely unselfish in his concern f or the helpless Marine, he persevered in his efforts until he himself sustained mortal wounds and collapsed, heroically sacrificing himself that his comrade might live.”

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