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Tech Fifth Grade Alfred Wilson

Date of Award: June 18, 1945
Conflict: World War II
Branch: U.S. Army

Tech. Fifth Grade Alfred Wilson portraitTech. Fifth Grade Alfred Wilson, affectionately known as “Big Stoop” to his comrades of World War II, was a gentle giant with a warm heart and the reputation of being one of the most caring and mild-tempered men among the troops of Medical Detachment, 328th Infantry, 26th Infantry Division.

Although Wilson’s grandiose stature was considered to be intimidating, he was well-respected and often innocently teased about his temperate demeanor, despite his size. On November 8, 1944, Wilson volunteered to be a medical aid for another company that had suffered multiple causalities in an assault at Bezange la Petite, France. As the enemy forces began to infiltrate the aid station and surrounding camps, Wilson gallantly tended to the wounded under heavy fire, and fought off the advancing opposition, all while suffering a life threatening injury and refusing aid himself.

Citation: “Crawling from one patient to another, he continued his work until excessive loss of blood prevented him from moving. He then verbally directed unskilled enlisted men in continuing the first aid for the wounded. Still refusing assistance himself, he remained to instruct others in dressing the wounds of his comrades until he was unable to speak above a whisper and finally lapsed into unconsciousness.”

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