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Viewing Inpatient and Outpatient Clinical Data with the Bidirectional Health Information Exchange (BHIE)

BHIE allows clinicians from both agencies to view electronic health care data from each other’s systems.

The Bidirectional Health Information Exchange (BHIE) gives the Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs providers the ability to view inpatient and outpatient clinical data on a shared patient population to improve the continuity of care.

BHIE is a joint information technology data exchange initiative between the DoD and VA, allowing clinicians from both agencies to view electronic health care data from each other’s systems, VA’s Computerized Patient Record System and DoD’s Composite Health Care System.

Once documented, BHIE data is available to all VA and DoD providers for both departments’ patients. The type of data shared through BHIE includes provider encounter notes, allergies, outpatient pharmacy, laboratory results, radiology reports, inpatient documentation, procedures, diagnoses, problem lists, vital signs, family histories, social histories, other histories, questionnaires and periodic health assessments.

Key Features

  • Shares real-time inpatient and outpatient data, including radiology reports, laboratory results and allergies
  • Allows access to Essentris®, the military’s inpatient documentation solution
  • Shares clinical data documented in Theater facilities

Key Benefits

  • Enhances the provision of care to service members
  • Reduces the need to exchange paper records with the VA
  • Enhances the delivery of patient care and readiness
  • Increases clinical and administrative efficiency

Downloadable Fact Sheet (PDF)

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