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New DHA health services research funding opportunity available

The Defense Health Agency Research and Development Directorate wordcloud. (MHS graphic) The Defense Health Agency Research and Development Directorate wordcloud. (MHS graphic)

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The Defense Health Agency (DHA) Research and Development Directorate is offering a new, competitively-funded health services research (HSR) grant opportunity to conduct research with the goal of improving quality and other outcomes in the Military Health System (MHS).

This new effort supports the establishment of DHA as a learning organization committed to generating knowledge about the MHS to achieve better care, better health, and increased military readiness - all at a lower cost. This new funding opportunity is available to both intramural and extramural research organizations. Potential researchers wishing to apply for funding, such as those from universities or military medical research centers and treatment facilities, should check the website for the specific announcement.

The Department of Defense, through the MHS, is committed to providing better quality health care more effectively and efficiently while controlling health-related costs. Reaching this goal requires research capabilities that extend beyond general analytics and clinical studies.

“DHA seeks to build a rigorous health services research program through collaboration and innovation,” said Dr. Richard Stoltz, who is leading the effort for this grant announcement.

HSR produces actionable research insights about cost, quality, variation, readiness, and patient outcomes in the MHS. HSR integrates a variety of analytic sciences to better understand how to further improve health outcomes. Learning about the performance of the MHS is critical to supporting data-driven decision-making and policy recommendations, both strategically and on the front line.

For more information about this announcement, email the DHA Research and Development Directorate.

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Researcher Responsibilities


The Researcher Responsibilities Form ensures that all investigators conducting Department of Defense (DoD) research involving human participants understand and comply with all the relevant federal and DoD regulations, including Human Protections, records management, and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The form also includes provisions related to any DoD biomedical research to comply with FDA regulations.

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Research and Innovation
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