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Military Health System

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Surgical and Procedural Patient Safety Practices

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 6025.44

Cancelled. Replaced by DHA-AI 6025.16, Ch. 1, Surgical and Procedural Patient Safety Program.

Surgical and Procedural Patient Safety Practices

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 6025.16

Establishes DHA's procedures to improve the quality and safety of medical care provided to beneficiaries by standardizing various processes.

Reliability Centered Maintenance Program

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 4000.03

Establishes DHA's procedures for the implementation of a Reliability Centered Maintenance Program, including Condition Based Maintenance, for DHA sustained facilities.

Specialty Care Drug List TPharm5

Meeting Reference

This is the Specialty Drug List for TPharm5 in spreadsheet form

MHS GENESIS Video Connect Enhances Patient Support

Article Around MHS
Cheryl Hansen, a health educator at Naval Hospital Bremerton, at computer

In a region where travel is defined by navigating the geographically complicated waters of Puget Sound, the time and space from provider to patient can be daunting. Now, see what's happening at Naval Hospital Bremerton to bridge that distance and enhance beneficiary support.

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MHS GENESIS: The Electronic Health Record | MHS Video Connect | MHS GENESIS

Periodic Health Assessment (PHA) Program

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 6200.06

Establishes DHA's procedures for annual PHAs in Active Duty and Reserve Components of the DOD.

Implementing the American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement Program across the Military Health System (MHS)

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 6025.01

Establishes uniform guidelines, standards, and procedures for all military hospitals and clinics to implement the surgical quality and reporting guidelines developed by ACS NSQIP, and DOD procedural requirements.

Personal Services Contracts for Health Care Providers

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 6025.05

Establishes DHA’s procedures for implementing the authority for PSCs for HCPs.

Security Categorization (SC) and Control Selection for Information Technology

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 077

Establishes DHA’s procedures for the SC and Control Selection for DHA IT.

Purchase and Distribution of Challenge Coins

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 012

Establishes DHA’s procedures for purchasing, distributing, and documenting DHA challenge coin awards.

Regulatory Reviews of Research Studies

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 083

Establishes DHA's procedures by which the Privacy and Civil Liberties Office (DHA Privacy Office) will delegate regulatory compliance reviews of research studies.

Defense Readiness Reporting System

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 092

Establishes DHA's procedures to implement the policy and procedures of the DOD DRRS.

Industry Partnership Network Program

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 090

Establishes DHA's procedures regarding the DHA IPN Program.

Accounting of Disclosures of Personally Identifiable Information and Protected Health Information

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 050

Establishes DHA's procedures for accounting of disclosures of PII and PHI.

Military Medical Treatment Facility Uniform Business Office Operations

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 6015.01

Establishes DHA's procedures to provide guidelines for the operation of MTF UBOs and prescribes procedures for the Third Party Collections, Medical Services Account, and Medical Affirmative Claims programs.

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Last Updated: February 01, 2023
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