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Embedded Behavioral Health

Embedded Behavioral Health (EBH)


The Embedded Behavioral Health (EBH) model is an early intervention and treatment structure of BH care model that promotes Soldier readiness (pre-, during, and post-deployment). It provides multidisciplinary Behavioral Health (BH) care to Soldiers in close proximity to their unit’s work area and in close coordination with unit leaders.


The goal of EBH is to establish multidisciplinary BH teams to improve access to and continuity of BH care by moving into closer physical proximity to the Soldiers’ work areas, streamlining the number of BH providers involved in the treatment process and forming strong relationships with deployable unit leaders.


The EBH model serves as the single point of entry into BH care for each battalion's Soldiers and leaders and facilitates early identification and intervention. Soldiers receive expedited evaluations and community-level treatment from a single provider, which greatly improves continuity of care.  The enduring working relationship between the provider and key battalion personnel erode the stigma commonly associated with BH care in the military setting. The BH provider can specifically tailor the treatment options for the battalion's Soldiers to a much greater degree than was previously possible in synchrony with those Soldiers ARFORGEN cycle


The EBH Team concept is currently being implemented throughout the Army’s Active Component organizational deployable) combat units to provide improved access to and continuity of BH care for Soldiers assigned to deployable units.