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Family Advocacy Program (FAP)


The Family Advocacy Program is governed by AR 608-18 and the proponent is the Installation Management Command, G9, Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation Programs. AR 608-18 directs The Surgeon General to establish and coordinate the clinical response to Family maltreatment.


The goal of the clinical response to family maltreatment is to determine if abuse has occurred, insure the safety of all concerned, develop a treatment plan designed to reduce the risk of continued maltreatment, and rehabilitate the family when appropriate, while ensuring and end to the violence.


The clinical response includes receiving the initial complaint that an incident of maltreatment has occurred, notification of the Commander, delivery of medical care, assessment of the incident and development of a safety plan, collection of collateral interviews and documentation, case presentation to the Case Review Committee (CRC) (for which the military treatment facility Commander is the proponent), recommendation of treatment plan, notification of CRC results, case management of treatment plan and/or delivery of treatment modality, and recommendations for case closure.


Clinical Staff operate out of Medical Treatment Facilities at 48 locations including Europe, Korea and Japan.