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Executive Agencies

Executive Agencies

Executive Agent Responsibilities

Army Medicine, through five Executive Agent responsibilities delegated to the Army Surgeon General by the Secretary of Defense through the Secretary of The Army consistently seeks to establish and improve not only the inter-agency and inter-service partnerships but also the international and private partnerships, recognizing the potential for benefits to the entire Military Healthcare System.

The Army’s diverse joint medical Executive Agent (EA), Lead Component (LC), Defense Centers of Excellence (DCoE) and Service Support Agent responsibilities are critical components of our world-class Military Health System.  Each represents a significant investment by the DoD and Military Departments. The DoD Executive Agencies (DoD EA) Directorate serves as TSG’s representative in executing her delegated DoD-wide responsibilities. It is the focal point to coordinate all matters regarding the establishment of new; the identification of existing; and the control and evaluation of these responsibilities and their support arrangements.

Executive Agent: DoD Component to whom the Secretary of Defense (SECDEF or the Deputy Secretary of Defense (DSECDEF) has assigned specific responsibilities, functions, and authorities to provide defined levels of support for designated activities that involve two or more of the DoD Components.  Responsibilities are typically outside of the scope of the assigned Component’s existing duties. The authority of the SECDEF or DSECDEF is considered necessary to perform the assigned task or mission.  Functional assignments include a broad range, such as requirements development, acquisition, RDT&E, policy, planning, programming, budgeting, implementation, and execution.

Lead Component: A Lead Component is a DoD Component or subordinate organization of a DoD Component, which is assigned lead responsibility for coordinating and providing specified support in a joint mission that does not have a previously prescribed joint program manager. The specific responsibilities are defined in the mission-specific agreement between the DoD Components involved in the joint mission.

Support Agent: A Support Agent is a DoD Component or subordinate organization of a DoD Component, which is assigned responsibility for providing administrative and logistic support for the operation of the responsibility.

Executive Agencies:

  • Armed Service Blood Program Office (ASBPO)
  • DoD Biological Select Agent & Toxin (BSAT) Bio-safety Program
  • Persian Gulf War Exposure Registry
  • Medical Research for the Prevention , Mitigation, and Treatment of Blast Injuries (Blast)
  • -Program Coordinating Office (PCO)
  • -Joint Trauma Analysis and Prevention of Injury in Combat (JTAPIC)
  • -Georgia-U.S. Bio-surveillance & Research Center (GUSBRC)

Lead Component/Defense Center of Excellence:

  • Investigational New Drugs - Force Health Protection (IND-FHP)(LC)
  • Extremity Trauma & Amputee Care (EACE) Center of Excellence (LC, also a DCoE)<
  • Joint Trauma System (JTS) Center of Excellence

Support Agent:

  • Armed Forces Pest Management Board (AFPMB)

EA Directorate contact information: 703-681-6556