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Pain Management

Pain Management

In August 2009, The Army Surgeon General chartered the Army Pain Management Task Force to make recommendations for a U.S. Army Medical Command (MEDCOM) comprehensive pain management strategy that was holistic, multidisciplinary, and multimodal in approach; utilizes state of the art/science modalities and technologies; and provides optimal quality of life for Soldiers and other patients with acute and chronic pain.

The Task Force conducted 28 site visits at U.S. Army, Navy, and Air Force Medical Centers, Hospitals, and Health Clinics, as well as Veterans Health Administration (VHA) and civilian hospitals. During the site visits, leadership and staff were asked to assess pain management capabilities, strengths, weaknesses, and best practices at their respective facilities. Task Force findings were compiled into the Pain Management Task Force Report.

The Pain Management Task Force Report contains 109 recommendations that support the Pain Management Task Force vision statement of "Providing a Standardized DoD and VHA Vision and Approach to Pain Management to Optimize the Care for Warriors and their Families."

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